Anne Murphy - Eala Enamels

  • Material: Enamels, copper, paint, wood.
  • Objects: Wall plaques, tabernacle doors, candlesticks, lampholders, jewellery, paintings.
  • Runs Courses: No

Price range of goods produced

Under €25, €26 - €50, €51 - €100, €101 - €250, Over €250


Anne Murphy studied for three years at Art College in Cork and two years in Belfast. A bursary in Norway followed. She spent a year there, working mainly in wood and wool. Since her return to Ireland she has concentrated on her first love, enamelling. Her main interest is religious art, and has done more than twenty sets of Stations of the Cross, several tabernacle doors, crucifixes and wall plaques. Her pieces are in several private collections. She describes her work as drawing with wire and specialises in 'cloisonne' enamelling, where each colour is separated from the next by copper wire which is laid on a base coat of powdered enamel and fused onto copper sheet at around 800 degrees centigrade in a kiln. The colour comes from metal oxides mixed with clear glass (flux). It is slow, painstaking work, but the end result has a kind of jewel-like intensity that can light up any space. As much of the inspiration in her work comes from high crosses, Celtic manuscripts and nature, her pieces have a special quality that speaks to the Irish soul.

Selected Work