Adriana Ionascu

  • Material: Porcelain, Bone China, Styrofoam & Fabrics
  • Objects: Body-wear
  • Runs Courses: No

Price range of goods produced


My work explores how objects and people perform - how people perform in relation to objects. It focuses on the relationships between users and domestic artefacts handled within preset social practices - which define the body as a product of social and cultural intervention. The work is concerned with the connections between ceramics and textile as familiar materials in the domestic milieu and with a particular closeness to the human body. In this view I am interested in how the material culture of ceramic and textile as related craft disciplines provide a sense of place for the body. My pieces act as intimate domestic tools adapted to the body suggesting a contradiction between functional and yet non-usable objects that become ornamental. As accessories tailored around the body they recreate notions of beauty and decoration, proposing a re-evaluation of the haptic interplay between people and fabric, porcelain, bone china as delicate and fragile materials with an affinity to skin’s materiality. My making processes involve digital forming (Rhino), milling and slip-casting and re-considers the use of digital craftsmanship in current design/craft practice. It address the symbiotic relationship between craft and design, the interconnections between history and practice; and questions how technological advance recreates approaches to making physical form.

Selected Work