Erika Marks - Erika Marks Jewellery

  • Material: Gold, silver
  • Objects: Jewellery - rings, earrings, neckpieces, brooches, chains, bracelets Holloware - spoons, bowls
  • Runs Courses: No

Price range of goods produced

€51 - €100


I design and make collections of jewellery and also work to commission with clients. Influenced by work of early civilisations, I often aim to evoke a feeling of ‘contemporary antiquity’ and a sense of mysterious origin. I have been focusing a lot over the last 2 years on gallery work, currently making large brooches depicting the night sky and different constellations. These are inspired by a fascination I have long had with the stars and an obsession with maps and charts! Recently I have started working on a collection of metal bowls that explore the connections between people and places.

Selected Work