Supporting creative, professional and impactful delivery of the primary level visual art curriculum in Ireland.

CRAFTed is a nationwide, primary level programme, which supports the delivery of the visual arts curriculum. CRAFTed works with teachers, craftspeople and students. The programme aims to provide all those engage with it with skills for life through positive, collaborative engagement. CRAFTed is a process led programme which focuses on creativity. The programme supports the wider aims of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland by placing value on the skills of Irish makers, promoting the insightful and innovative contributions they have to offer to the development of art, craft and design education.

For teachers:

CRAFTed fosters an innovative learning space within classrooms that supports teachers by enriching the curriculum and encourages continuing professional development in the visual arts.

“Working with a skilled craftsperson unleashed the combined creativity of all participants in a productive, enjoyable process, of which we are still reaping the benefits” – Karen Brogan, Teacher

For makers:

CRAFTed nurtures continuing professional development for makers working within educational contexts, placing value on their skills and insights and encouraging a partnership approach with schools.

"CRAFTed has provided valuable connections between craftspeople and schools, in addition to some support structures to make these connections really work” - Gina Faustino, Interior Architect and Textile Artist

For students:

CRAFTed increases participation in and meaningful engagement with craft and design among young children. CRAFTed has a child-centred approach which enables each child to develop their natural abilities in a supportive and fun environment.

“CRAFTed was fun and very interesting… it was brilliant presenting our project and the puppets we made to an audience” – Student, Bofield N.S., Co. Mayo


CRAFTed is delivered in partnership with the Association of Teachers’ Education
Centres of Ireland