Flood Support Scheme for Small Businesses

Posted 03.03.20

The Government has announced details of a number of schemes to provide temporary emergency humanitarian support to people who have been affected by recent flooding from 23rd February to 6th March 2020.

These include a support scheme for small businesses (up to 20 employees) who could not obtain flood insurance. This scheme is being administered by the Irish Red Cross Society on behalf of the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

An application form is available on the Red Cross website.

For any queries call 01 642 4600 or email emergencyflooding@redcross.ie


This scheme provides temporary emergency humanitarian support to small businesses that have been unable to secure flood insurance and have been flooded following storms from 23rd February to 6th March 2020. At the request of the Government, the Irish Red Cross Society has agreed to administer the scheme. Closing date for receipt of applications is 31st March 2020.

This scheme is a temporary humanitarian support contribution towards the costs of returning business premises to their pre-flood condition including the replacement of flooring, fixtures, fittings and damaged stock. The scheme will not provide a contribution to loss of earnings or loss of business goodwill.

The scheme is targeted at small businesses (up to 20 employees) and will have two stages:

  1. The first stage will commence immediately and will provide a contribution of up to €5,000, depending on the scale of damage incurred.
  2. In the event that businesses have incurred significant damages above €5,000, the second stage will provide a means to seek further support. However, this will be a more lengthy process requiring a more detailed assessment. Eligibility Criteria for this scheme is available here. The total level of support available for both stages combined will be capped at €20,000 per property.


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