The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI) is based in Castle Yard, Kilkenny. DCCoI also has a number of specialised Project Managers to manage DCCoI projects and activity and also internships from time to time.

If you have a query for the DCCoI Team, please email the most relevant person below. For information on the Board of Directors of DCCoI, please visit our Board Members page.

Chief Executive Office

Karen Hennessy

Chief Executive
  • Karen Hennessy

Executive Assistant
  • Jennifer Walsh
  • 056 779 6148

Market Development

Get in touch with the team for market development enquiries, national and international retail access programmes and collector and craft tourism enquiries.


Ciara Garvey

Development Manager,
Collector & Tourism Programmes

Emer Ferran

Enterprise Development Programme Manager

Innovation & Development Programmes

Get in touch with the team for innovation and development programmes enquiries, design and craft business enquiries, and DCCoI registration and DCCoI membership enquiries.

Louise Allen

Head of Innovation & Development Programmes

Education, Training & Development

Get in touch with the Education, Training & Development team for information on education programmes and related events.

John Tynan

Head of Education,
Training & Development

Gus Mabelson

Ceramics Skills & Design
Course Manager

Eimear Conyard

Jewellery & Goldsmithing
Skills & Design Course Manager

Amanda Walsh

Education, Training & Development Administrator

Public Affairs & Communications

Get in touch with the Public Affairs & Communications team for press, imaging, editorial, branding and corporate publications queries.


CRM & Client Services Administrator
  • 056 779 6140

National Design & Craft Gallery, Castle Yard, Kilkenny

Get in touch with the team for further information on upcoming exhibitions and events, to book workshops or organise a group tour.

Gallery Education
  • 056 779 6151


Get in touch with the Operations Team for human resources, corporate services and for general accounts enquiries

Nuala McGrath

HR & Corporate Services Manager (Including FOI)