The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland aims to promote and stimulate the creative and commercial potential of Irish design and craft. It has many different audience segments to address and it uses different digital platforms as part of its reach across all relevant areas and sectors. Social media is an integral element of this communications strategy.

Corporate social media platforms for DCCoI:

DCCoI on Twitter 

DCCoI on Facebook 

DCCoI on Instagram

DCCoI on YouTube

Individuals and teams within DCCoI also manage a range of activity-specific social media platforms across the organisation, including:

National Design & Craft Gallery on Twitter 

National Design & Craft Gallery on Instagram 

National Design & Craft Gallery on Facebook


Craft in Ireland on Twitter 

Craft in Ireland on Facebook 

Irish Craft Studio Experience on Facebook 

DCCoI Events on Facebook 


Design Ireland on Facebook 

Design Ireland on Instagram 

Design Ireland on Pinterest 


Irish Design 2015 on Twitter 

Irish Design 2015 on Facebook 


PORTFOLIO on Twitter 

PORTFOLIO on Facebook 


Future Makers on Twitter 

Future Makers on Facebook 


KDW App on Twitter 

KDW app on Facebook 


The purpose of DCCoI’s various social networks is to:

  • Communicate and engage with DCCoI registered clients, member organisations, the design and craft sectors, DCCoI stakeholders and partner organisations, and the public
  • Promote discussion and information-sharing about the design and crafts sector in Ireland
  • Provide links to information about DCCoI client membership and GANS (Guilds, Associations, Networks and Societies)
  • Inform followers about industry and funding opportunities, events and exhibitions
  • Promote the design and crafts sector as a whole, sharing news updates, announcements, successes or events

DCCoI follows relevant organisations associated with design and craft both in Ireland and abroad, as well as DCCoI clients and registered members. Being followed or liked by any of DCCoI’s social media accounts is not an endorsement but may be considered of interest to DCCoI and the sector it represents.

Terms of Use
We welcome and encourage engagement and interaction on all our social media platforms. However, please note that any offensive, libelous, confidential, personal, malicious, inappropriate or off-topic comments or content will be removed. We reserve the right to delete these and any other spam.  All comments, images, videos and any other type of material posted by fans or followers engaging with DCCoI through social media do not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideas of DCCoI, its clients, registered members or its employees. DCCoI is not responsible for any such content. All material posted on these pages must comply with Terms of Use as dictated by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media platform.

Response Times
We endeavour to respond as promptly as possible to any queries and comments submitted via social media.

To protect your privacy, please do not post personal details such as phone numbers or email addresses in the body of any comment posted on DCCoI’s social media platforms. Social media policies can be located as follows: