Aodh Furniture

Aodh Furniture

Aodh designs, develops and manufactures modern furniture for use at home, the office and public spaces. Aodh is based in Dublin, Ireland and seeks to create better furniture by placing design at the centre of everything they do. Aodh collaborates with independent designers on many of its products and concepts. Aodh values the creative genius of independent designers and the unique vision they bring to the collaboration. Aodh seeks to create products that are functional, inspiring, long lasting and universal in application. ‘Long lasting’, in terms of materials, construction and aesthetic is a key objective in the design and development of Aodh’s products and concepts.

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Exhibitors at Ó, Tent London

Live Studios at Ó, Tent London

The Souvenir Project, Shoreditch Design Triangle

The Ogham Wall, V&A, Brompton Design District

Unfold, London Fashion Week