Catherine Keenan

Catherine Keenan

Catherine Keenan produces distinctive brightly coloured blown glass vessels. Her practice is informed by a preoccupation with colour and pattern which she explores through experimentation with a range of techniques, observing the seemingly endless possibilities of each. She is particularly inspired by the liquid nature of the material and the organic development of spherical forms. Catherine was originally attracted to the medium by the physical rhythm of working with glass. As a very immediate art form, glass work requires great dexterity and swift, confident gestures in order to produce elegant, expressive forms. In order to manipulate molten glass at 1100˚C thorough planning and preparation are required, as well as the support of a skilled assistant. Catherine strives to create pieces that are bold in their simplicity, belying the complexity of their construction. 

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Exhibitors at Ó, Tent London

Live Studios at Ó, Tent London

The Souvenir Project, Shoreditch Design Triangle

The Ogham Wall, V&A, Brompton Design District

Unfold, London Fashion Week