Federation of Jewellery Manufactures of Ireland (FJMI)

The Federation of Jewellery Manufacturers of Ireland was established in 1963 to coordinate the manufacture of jewellery in Ireland. FJMI members undertake to carry on the ancient tradition of jewellery making and to abide by a strict code of ethics, giving assurance to customers that jewellery items purchased from members have been crafted with care, skill and pride. FJMI liaises with the Assay office and government departments to ensure that the Irish hallmark is protected and policed through legislation.

The FJMI in conjunction with North American Celtic Trade Association (NACTA) provide a jewellery accreditation programme designed to help members improve and increase their fine jewellery business by teaching them the skills of a retail jewellery professional. This training program gives NACTA members the knowledge and confidence to sell jewellery to their most astute customer with confidence and ease.


Ensuring the Irish hallmark is protected, coordination of the manufacturing of jewellery, training, teaching.

Who Can Join 

Jewellery manufacturers based in Ireland.

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