Print Block

Print Block is a creative members organisation which reflects and initiates textile art and craft practice, supporting and facilitating ideas and networks for professional textile artists and designers who use the medium of print in their work.

Print Block is an artist collective, non-profit members organisation whose purpose is to provide professional artists, craftspeople and designers with shared working surfaces and equipment for the production of mainly printed textiles, but also other textile related techniques. Dedicated to the textile medium, it will advance the creation and understanding of contemporary textile art, design and craft.

Specifically, it will provide and promote a supportive workshop environment for the making of textile art, design and craft as well as create opportunities for commissioning new works, collaborations, residencies and other artistic interventions.  The workshop will provide access for a diverse range of printers including textile artists, interior designers and fashion designers.


Providing workspace for artists, creating opportunities, workshops.

Who Can Join

Artists with either a diploma or degree in textile screen printing, and/or considerable working knowledge of the craft.

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