The Design & Crafts Council of Irelands's (DCCoI) Craft Education Panel is a key resource that assists in the successful delivery and development of education programmes.

Activities include school's programmes, residencies or practical workshops and talks. Ireland’s CRAFTed programme gives primary school children and teachers an exciting opportunity to explore their creativity and learn new skills by working with professional craftspeople.  

For Craftspeople:

The Craft Education Panel is an important resource of experienced craftspeople who are passionate about craft and committed to sharing their expertise. The Craft Education Panel may be invited by a variety of organisations and educators to facilitate in delivering education workshops to people of all ages, a mixture of one-off projects with specific target groups or long-term education initiatives in schools both primary and post-primary at a variety of locations throughout Ireland. Activities include school's programmes, residencies or practical workshops and talks to coincide with National Craft Gallery exhibitions and touring shows. The Craft Education Panel is selected following application and interview. This teaching opportunity will be of interest to craftspeople from every region working in all craft disciplines who are passionate about education, have experience at facilitating workshops or who may wish to work in this area in the future. Training is provided by DCCoI where applicable and facilitators will be paid an agreed rate for the delivery of programmes. Find out more about our Craft Education Panel here. Additions to the DCCoI Craft Education Panel are currently on a call out basis only, please see our 'Opportunities' section for call outs when applicable. 

Benefit for Students:

CRAFTed connects creativity and innovation at an early stage of children’s development. The programme is designed to build skills, develop competencies and provide resources that support creative learning for teachers, their students and craftspeople. Most importantly, it gives children the chance to use their imagination!

Benefit for Teachers:

The CRAFTed programme supports teachers in the delivery of the Visual Arts (VA) curriculum and investigates how craft processes can contribute to learning in other subject areas such as Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE) curriculum. It provides collaborative training, access to highly skilled craftspeople and gives both teachers and students the opportunity to explore new materials such as clay, fibre and metals. You can view and search the current Craft Education Panel here and find out more about the CRAFTed programme here