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Posted 25.08.14


Design & Crafts Council of Ireland | PORTFOLIO WIDER PROGRAMME


Design & Crafts Council of Ireland | PORTFOLIO Critical Selection 


1. PORTFOLIO WEBSITE www.dccoi.ie/portfolio

The PORTFOLIO wider programme actively works to grow the reputation and potential of craft makers across all major disciplines of contemporary design and craft. Selected by an expert panel, the programme currently features over 140 of Ireland’s most renowned makers, including all those in the Critical Selection publication. PORTFOLIO is used as a resource for Irish and International curators and galleries in accessing the work of Irish makers for exhibition. PORTFOLIO wider programme aims to further enhance the opportunities available to all makers. These opportunities include increased promotion and exhibitions of selected work both in Ireland and abroad. 

The current disciplines represented are:

Furniture  | Ceramics  | Metals  | Glass  | Textiles | Paper | Calligraphy | Jewellery | Wood | Basketry | Fashion | Stone

2. PORTFOLIO PUBLICATION. The Critical Selection is a biennial publication of the leading edge of Irish contemporary craft in a world-class context. This volume is published in order to increase awareness and understanding of top Irish makers and their work, particularly among Irish and international collectors, galleries, commissioning bodies and museums. Makers are selected by an international expert panel for achieving excellence in craftsmanship by comparative international standards. Makers featured in the publication also appear in the wider programme. The 2017 – 2018 edition featured 28 makers across several disciplines. The 2019 – 2020 edition will be publishd in February 2019. 

PORTFOLIO Application Form


To apply for both Design & Crafts Council of Ireland |  Critical Selection and Design & Crafts Council of Ireland | PORTFOLIO wider programme, makers must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be registered with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland. See current registration criteria and information here.
  • Must be a craftsperson making in Ireland or an Irish-born craftsperson based abroad.
  • Must have a minimum of three years professional practice.
  • Must demonstrate an excellence in craftsmanship, design and creative quality in their work.
  • Must have exhibited their work extensively, preferably in recognised galleries in Ireland and abroad.
  • Must show innovation in making, design and technical skill.


There are four requirements for the application:

  1. Three digital images, each of a different work with corresponding information on the application form
  2. CV highlighting professional experience, exhibitions, collections, awards etc.
  3. Presentation of two physical pieces of work with each application. If selected for Critical Selection, these two pieces will be photographed for inclusion in the publication. If you already have professional photographs of your work and would prefer for them to be used in the publication instead, please tick the relevant box in Section 3 of the application form.
    Please note: If you are unable to send physical work you may still submit an application with images only. However, our experience with judges is that physically seeing work is preferable for making a decision.
  4. Statement about your work.

An independent selection panel with significant academic, commercial and professional experience in the field of contemporary design and craft will assess the applications.

What kind of work to submit?

The work selected for PORTFOLIO must display excellence in its making and must present a unique understanding of material and innovative use of technique. For the Critical Selection publication, the work should be one-off or limited edition in nature. The submission of work that is derivative or mass-produced is discouraged. The panel will be measuring and selecting the work against comparable international standards. Their judgement will also be based on:

+  The standard of craftsmanship and creative quality in the work/images submitted.

+  The work/images being a cohesive body of work that shows the creative signature of the maker.

+ The professional exhibition, commission and collection record outlined in the CV and any supporting documentation submitted.

Email applications will receive an acknowledgement of their application.
The decision of the selection panel is final and non-negotiable.
Unsuccessful applicants may request written feedback on their applications.   

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